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Saudi Tourism Authority Promotes a Summer Vacation Experience With Captivating OOH Campaign

September 8, 2022 3 weeks ago
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The Saudi Tourism Authority is opening the doors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to all tourists!

For the past year, they have been advertising a distinctive summer experience to the people of the United Arab Emirates. 

We were all in awe of Saudi Tourism’s previous campaign in the United Arab Emirates, which promoted Jeddah with the caption; “Jeddah Season,” showing the various activities tourists can enjoy.   

The Saudi Tourism Authority and the General Entertainment Authority aim to deliver a monetized message to all viewers of the OOH campaigns, and that is, Visit Saudi

In their 4th campaign for 2022, the Saudi Tourism Authority uses different shots from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to display the diverse activities Emiratis can enjoy. From canoeing in the seas of Jeddah and enjoying certain activities on a rainy day to hiking the mountains of Asser and attending the magical music festival, Abha Festival. 

Saudi Tourism also aims to personalize the summer experience by having individuals as the focal point in the shots and by offering discounts for this memorable season. It is an opportunity that you can not miss! 

What next distinctive location will the Saudi Tourism Authority and General Entertainment Authority promote in their next OOH campaign? 

This limited, new campaign visited Dubai’s Roads on the 4th week of Aug and got displayed in digital and Lampposts format.

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