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OOH Market’s Industry Occupancy Is Back on Track, Thanks To Summer Season

June 23, 2022
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After getting to know what are the Top Campaigns for May. We believe in adding numbers to the scene to make things more straightforward.

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Real estate has always been king when it comes to dominating the OOH market. And this is the exact case this month as it came to a sum of 1846 faces and 35% of the total market’s strength. But to be frank about it this is not the highest percentage the industry has reached. There were months real estate had a higher percentage. At the same time, April Market Insights, real estate reached only 25%. The increase in the percentage can be explained by promoting resort and north coast units especially when summer approached. 

Comes in the second spot the healthcare industry with 9% of the total market and 469 ad faces.

Telecommunications came In the 3rd place during May. It’s worth mentioning that telecommunication came second in April’s market insight, due to Ramadan’s campaigns that comes around 11% of the OOH market occupancy. 

Last but not least an overall review about the new VS existing campaigns. Our numbers shows that the market welcomed 55 new campaign which is almost 40% while the running campaigns are 81 new campaign. 

According to the data and statistics extracted from our sister company MOOH, it has shown that the market occupancy is 63% in May, leaving behind 37% of the OOH spaces available for accepting new campaigns.

We are happily determined to keep tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the Out-of-Home advertising market in Egypt, revealing the behind the scenes of Cairo’s most prominent campaigns, stalking all the brands, advertisers, and innovations happening on Greater Cairo’s outdoor playground. You can browse the Top 20 Campaign’s Rankings via



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