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A Freshly Brewed OOH Dubai Campaign Is Out; Adnoc Oasis Is The Main Reason For Its Presence

June 13, 2022

ADNOC Distribution, the fuel mogul in UAE, just launched a new campaign that we really can start our day with!

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The infamous blue colour of the brand is what the new campaign is all about; with a sleek-designed paper cup and the coffee beans display to let you know that the campaign is about the brand’s fresh coffee they serve.

The message of the campaign is nothing less delicious than the billboard’s design. The campaign is published with two mottos, “Experience Fresh” and “Freshly Made”. The choice of both slogans will make you smell the aroma of the brewed coffee beans; a mouth-watering campaign if you ask us!

Adnoc is one of the biggest energy and convenience store in UAE and with a network of more than 400 service stations and over 280 convenience stores. The Campaign is fairly new, and regarding the size of the campaign, we can quickly notice that the campaign is relatively huge as it appears on hoarding, lampposts, and uni-pole.

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