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Awareness Campaign BIANCHI ILOS Developer X By Shoura The Wave Hotel Apartments

Bianchi ilios Promotes A Simpler Xperience with “The Wave Hotel Apartments” on Cairo’s Billboards

May 18, 2022
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Following their prior launch of Bianchi iliosDeveloper X, the subsidiary of Shoura holding group, is back once more on Cairo’s billboards with their newest project in the works. 

Bianchi ilios makes its colourful debut on Cairo’s OOH Arena announcing the soon to be launched project “The Wave Hotel Apartments”. Located in the most beautiful touristic area in Sidi Abdelrahman, The wave hotel apartments claim to be the approach to “Vacations made easy” in Egypt, where customers will acquire the best services along with the most enjoyable and comfortable stay.

The billboard designs are extremely visually appealing in terms of both the colour pallet and satisfying visual elements. They vary from a visual of a crowded beach, displaying people enjoying a hot summer day, to a more tranquil and symmetrical visual of the dark blue sea. The ad copy notes the name of the new project “The Wave'' along with phrases like “Xperience Simplified”, “An Xperience beyond the coast”  and “Vacations made easy” as a persuasion tool in order to coax the audience into checking the Hotel Apartments out. The ad also encourages the audience to “Join the new wave of tomorrow”, while subtly mentioning the brand hotline and website as a means for acquiring further information. The overall vibe of the campaign is very summery and fresh, creating a nostalgic feel for the summer, and promoting a simple living community. 

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