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Cairo's OOH Scene is Back with March's Market Insights Showing a Retrograde

April 28, 2022
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Our monthly analysis and report returned back with accurate and reliable numbers to monitor the OOH activity and provide a report on what is going on the outdoor advertising scene from ups and downs. 

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The overall number of campaigns for March has dropped, with just 142 campaigns taking over the scene, compared to 160 total campaigns in February. In the previous month, there were 96 running campaigns and this number has retrograded by 12% in March. As for the new campaigns that joined the OOH medium, it has increased a bit by 1% this month.

It's discernible that the industries' rankings are fairly in a consistent momentum with February's numbers, as the real estate still gripping most of the OOH arena with 37.2%, then the telecommunication industry comes next with 9.6%, showing a noticeable decline in the real estate and the telecommunication marketplaces.

The media & broadcasting has jumped up to the 3rd place with 9.3% of the OOH ad, which is reasonable, as every year in this period, marketers and advertisers gear up for the Ramadan season, which is the peak season for most of prominent channels to reveal their most anticipated line-up of TV shows for the Ramadan Drama Marathon. Last but not least, the FMCG possesses the 4th spot with 7.2% in comparison to last month.  

According to the data and statistics extracted from our sister company MOOH, it has shown that the market occupancy has declined 4% by March, leaving behind 35% of the OOH spaces available for accepting new campaigns.  

Visit MOOH, our partnering OOH media intelligence firm and analytics system in Cairo and Dubai, for more information on the campaign budget, OOH types, location, and more. It maintains track of what’s going on with the billboards in terms of advertisers, campaign budgets, media planning, and OOH types, among other things. You can explore the top 20 campaigns that dominated Cairo’s billboards this month through

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