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Expo 2020 Dubai’s New “Have You Ever” Campaign Pops Up on UAE’s Billboards

February 14, 2022

After the “Have you made new friends” campaign, Expo 2020 Dubai UAE rises once again on Dubai’s OOH scene with the new “Have You Ever” campaign, with the sole purpose of demonstrating to the audience what they’re missing out on by not visiting the Expo. Expo 2020 Dubai’s last campaign was during January when the organization partnered with Canon. 

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Expo 2020 Dubai uses the infamous ‘Have you ever’ game to present their once in a lifetime ventures, promising the audience an unforgettable experience.The ad copy “HAVE YOU EVER TASTED WATER FROM AIR?”, “HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN YOUR KIDS TO MARS”, “HAVE YOU EVER MET WITH GIANTS”, “HAVE YOU EVER GAZED INTO A MICROWORLD”, and “HAVE YOU EVER DANCED ON WATER” is used, all accompanied by the campaign question “HAVE YOU EVER”?. 

The different and riveting ad visuals definitely intrigue and fascinate the audience into wanting to try all these unrealistic but possible endeavors, only accessible at Expo 2020 Dubai. The ad copy mentions that all these gripping escapades are only at one’s disposal until 31 March 2022. The OOH campaign gives the audience a glimpse of what they should be expecting in each venture, they do so by using visuals like a mother and daughter dancing on water and a woman standing beside a giant. 

The Have You Ever campaign is fairly new, having only been dispersed in the first week of February in the form of Unipoles, Hoarding and Bridge Billboards on Dubai’s roads. 

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