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Mountain View Ignites Audience's Enthusiasm Twice on Cairo's Billboards with A New Phase at Chillout Park Launching Soon and "History Is Preparing" Campaign!

January 23, 2022

Mountain View, one of the leading developers in the field of real estate development, has gripped the OOH advertising scene all over Cairo with a new campaign at the end of last year to announce a new phase at Chillout Park that will be launching soon, Lakeside Villas to double your joy by the lake.    

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Chillout Park is one of the huge residential projects carried out by the prestigious real estate company Mountain View, the compound is nestled in a strategic location, where it is situated in the heart of the 6th of October city, close to the city's vital areas, such as Garden Heights, Porto Cairo, Carrefour, Dandy Mall, Mall of Arabia, and Juhayna Square. 

The Mountain View Chillout Park features European designs to the exterior façades that either combine the white and gray or white and blue colors on the designs of the building exteriors. The visuals show the comfortable atmosphere that the compound provides to its residents, as the spread of green landscapes, parks, and gardens give the residential units attractive and charming views, as shown in the visuals; people are enjoying the greenery in different ways from picnic to practicing yoga. 

A few days after the launching of the Mountain View Chillout Park’s new phase, the aforementioned property developer released a new OOH marketing campaign at the beginning of the year over Cairo’s highways, asking audiences to stay tuned for “The Remaking of History”. The campaign uses two different visuals that are characterized by its simplicity, as the first visual depicts the distinguishing blue roof of a building facade with a statement that says "Prepare Yourself... History Is Repeating Itself". With the same catchphrase, it has been featured on other visuals, portraying a white Post Mailbox, with Mountain View’s logo signature stamped on it, standing strong on a soothing green space. In a nutshell, the campaign is thrilling audiences with a project that is expected to be revealed soon at New Cairo. 

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