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Dar Al Arkan Collaborates with Pagani Automobili to Unveil The Da Vinci Residential Tower on Dubai’s Billboards

January 19, 2022

Supercar brand Pagani and Saudi Arabia’s esteemed real estate firm Dar Al Arkan have teamed up to reveal their latest ultra-exclusive and true geometric masterpiece, the Da Vinci Residential Tower for the first time on Dubai’s OOH scene.  

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Da Vinci Tower is situated in the heart of the city, directly on the Dubai Water Canal and is considered to mark a significant milestone for both companies. Dar Al Arkan has continued their regional expansion by partnering with world renowned luxury brands, and by launching this prestigious AED 800 million development, they have no doutdly achieved their goals. This project is the world’s first ever Pagani-Inspired exclusive space, resulting in a harmonious and tasteful triumph. Suave interior and exterior compositions are featured in the collaboration. 

The ad space treasures luxury and sophistication with the use of Dubai's Night view and a representation of where the Da Vinci Tower is located exactly, that being directly by the Dubai Canal, overlooking the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The dynamic architecture is presented in the ad showcasing its strategic location and bespoke environment. The ad also includes the campaign catchphrase “Leonardo has found a home” which exhibits Pagani’s use of Leonardo Da Vinci's philosophy that has been transmitted to us through his work over the years and with the sole goal of honoring the great artist, they have named the tower after his legacy. Lastly, other than a glimpse of the tower’s sophisticated interior, the ad is finished off with a jaw dropping Pagani car model which ascertains the audiences’ doubts of the residential tower being any less than extraordinary.

This worldly campaign is fairly new, only having been dispersed in the first week of January in the form of Hoardings on Dubai’s OOH scene. 

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