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Al Maryah Community Bank: UAE’s First Digital Bank Rises on Dubai’s Billboards.

January 17, 2022
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The fastest and most secure banking service provided by UAE’s first digital bank Al Maryah Community Bank lights up Dubai’s OOH scene for the first time with an enticing presentation. The technology driven bank claims to give consumers more control over their money with a direct customer service hotline to help them through every step. 

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Al Maryah Community Bank has made sure to include all their benefits in their ad spaces that are spread out on Dubai roads. Besides the campaign catchphrase, “First Digital Bank in the UAE”, the ad copy includes all the necessary and tempting pros to creating an account, those being how it is free to create an account at Al Maryah Community bank, and that the account you create is yours for life. The bank also mentions that there is no need for a minimum balance to create an account, as well as needing no official documentation in order to create your account. The ad showcases the banks’ strong points in clear black font presented on a light background, this for sure strengthens the message along with emphasizing how they are the first virtual bank in the UAE. 

The bank has also featured their ‘Eyalna’ minors’ program on their ad spaces, which encourages parents to aid their children in having strong and healthy financial habits from a young age, along with securing their future. Lastly, other than an exact replica to the bank application and the App store and Google play logo being present, the ad space includes the customer service hotline and website URL as a means for consumers to access all the information they might need regarding the digital bank.

This campaign is relatively new having been dispersed on Dubai Roads in the fourth week of December in the form of Uni-Poles and Hoarding Billboards.

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