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Digital Sharjah’s New “Smile, It’s Easy” Campaign Lights Up UAE’s Billboards

January 13, 2022
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Inspired by the Emirate’s well-known slogan “Smile, you are in Sharjah”, Digital Sharjah has put their twist on the phrase turning it into “Smile, it's easy” referring to their unified and extensive platform to improve access to an array of services. Following their last appearance on UAE’s billboards, the new “Smile, it's easy campaign” seeks the advancement of citizens and resident’s quality of life through the Digital Sharjah app’s accessibility and ease to complete relevant transactions, covering both public and private sector services in just a few minutes. 

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The “Smile, it's easy” campaign is represented in many different ad spaces, reflecting the wide range of services offered by the movement. As of late, Digital Sharjah offers a portfolio of more than 40 services by 11 public and private entities, ranging from business, real estate, social services, transportation and utilities. The above mentioned cater to citizens, residents, investors and visitors. All these advantages are displayed in the ads through visual representation, showing off all these jaw-dropping perks, which in return entices consumers to download the app as quickly as possible to take advantage of such exploits.

The ad copy hosts the campaign catchphrase “Smile, it's easy” which translates to “ابتسم الأمور سهلة” along with a smile on everyone’s face, whether it’s the entrepreneur planning to launch a new business or someone wanting to book a taxi, they are always smiling due to it now being an effortless process. This most definitely creates a more laid back and relaxed perception to people's day to day responsibilities. Lastly, the ad copy includes the means of downloading the Digital Sharjah application, those being The App store and Google Play.   

The “Smile, it's easy” campaign is fairly new, having been distributed on Dubai’s Billboards in the fourth week of December in the form of Digital screens, Mega Coms and Lampposts.

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