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AboutOur Agency

OUTSITE OOH enables brands to access the full potential of the Egyptian market by offering creative strategies and innovative geo-positioning

As the biggest market in the MENA Region

Greater Cairo offers brands a fertile landscape to raise awareness about their company, their products, and their initiatives. OUTSITE OOH enables brands to access the full potential of the Egyptian market by offering creative strategies and innovative geo-positioning.
We are a modern think-tank focused on delivering performance-based outdoor campaigns that will maximize your results and inspire action from your target audience.
Our innovative strategies are shaping the landscape of the OOH industry in Egypt. We don’t just crash traditional media: we invent new ones! We create campaigns Egypt is proud of. We kindly invite you to visit our portfolio, learn about our work and visit us for a cup of coffee.

The Founder of OUTSITE OOH is Ahmed Bahgat, an entrepreneur who decided boldly to change his career 20 years ago to work in advertising and media, and through these years he could add value to every brand he worked with. However, he has international standards for branding and brand communication and this is the reason he could make a lot of successful campaigns containing ATL & BTL media. As he contributed building local brands, he also worked with international brands like Mercedes-Benz, Caltex, Chevron, GEOX, PUMA, Marina Yachting, INTERGAS, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Hardees, OPPO The fact that Ahmed gained his experience over the field of advertising and media, in general, made him sharp about his vision on OOH specifically and its potential in the local and regional market, and this was the spark of OUTSITE’s vision and mission, including the subsidiaries.


We set our targets and we made sure to maintain the right capacity and time to fulfill it on time, and this is the reason we developed two main stages for the strategy.


Our mission is mainly to put our actions in order to fulfill the vision on time, the market is huge and success cannot be recognized in a small scale, but changing one thing at a time would be the.

Partner brands

OUTSITE OOH is not the regular (traditional) outdoor media advertising agency. We are the agency that keeps an eye on the market all the time.




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We are trusted by over 30,000 clients worldwide.

We are trusted by over 30,000 clients worldwide.


We listen to your needs, brainstorm with the brand’s marketing team, and offer hands-on strategies that are fully documented with up-to-date market insights, provided by our trusted dedicated partner companies. From the moment you contact us, our minds start racing and your campaign starts taking shape.
According to your budget, we strategize the position and reach the best results for each and every campaign. There will be no surprises in your invoice, and no disappointments along the way: we commit ourselves to deliver what we agree upon. Moreover, we give you the most useful tips for your business based on our vast experience.
Creative Studio
You came to the right place for an OOH design. Our studio team is well versed in global culture and local understanding of the market and will create for you the most engaging ads in terms of location, branding and campaign reach. Inline with the industrial design team, they can make much more than a sign.
Innovative Production
Our industrial designers can make everything possible and you have seen our work out there: we produce innovative signs, with die-cuts, shapes, and creative lighting that no one imagined before. Your campaign will stick in the minds of your audience long after it finishes.
We are a partner with the only team fully dedicated to monitoring all locations in Greater Cairo. Based on roundly reporting MOOH, our real-time insights provide a competitive advantage at every stage of your campaign.

We help businesses to innovate and remain highly relevant to their customers by developing edge digital products

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