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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and Hisense Jointly Release A Die-Cut Campaign Presenting Hisense as the Official Sponsor!

March 10, 2022

Hisense has become the only major-league Chinese company to successfully sponsor world-class events such as the Europe and World Cups for 4 consecutive years using cutting-edge technologies and premium products to create an immersive and extraordinary football viewing experience. 

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The last time Hisense was spotted on UAE's OOH platform was during January when the consumer electronics and home appliances brand was announcing its entry into the smartphone segment. On the other hand, FIFA was last spotted on Dubai's DOOH scene in February 2022, striking the dispatch of the FIFA World Cup 2021 UAE. Hisense and FIFA have now joined forces to produce a phenomenal creative concept, die-cut campaign exciting football lovers with the ad copy "FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022" while highlighting that Hisense has become the "OFFICIAL SPONSOR" for the long awaited event. The artistic OOH visual uses a grabbing die-cut approach whereas Hisense's "ULED TV 4K" screen is popping out of the billboard frame while a football player is portrayed shooting in a 3D graphic illusion as the player's foot is almost emerging out of the OOH frame. 

Another creative concept induced in the campaign would be the actual yellow football, bursting out from the top right of the billboard creating a very realistic and professional die-cut. The ad copy also points out that the screen is "Powered by VIDAA" which is the operating system designed to make interaction faster, more responsive, and exciting.

The limited creative concept campaign was spotted on Dubai's fundamental outdoor advertising sites in the fourth week of February and was distributed as hoarding billboards. 

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