The Outdoor Advertising Scene in Cairo Encounters A Regular Decline in January's Market Insights

May 12, 2022

We are used to witnessing a slight setback in the OOH marketing platforms across Cairo’s most vibrant neighborhoods at the beginning of each year, as it is considered a normal phenomenon, similar to the downswing that we had experienced in the market insights of January 2021 as well as 2020.  

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By Relying on one of the most effective factors; Numbers have never failed to deliver an accurate monthly analysis, therefore, it was found that the market occupancy has dropped by 1% in January, compared to December, leaving behind 31% of the OOH ad spaces available for accepting new campaigns. 

The total number of campaigns has stepped down from 186 in December to score 162 in January, as marketers and advertisers are gearing up for the Ramadan Marathon (the biggest OOH season of the year) to set their budget for their next OOH campaigns. Our exclusive OOH analysis has revealed that about 102 running campaigns are taking over the streets, whereas the new campaigns that joined the fierce competition on the billboards amounted to 60 campaigns.  

According to the data and statistics extracted from our sister company  MOOH, it has shown a consistent momentum in the industries' ranking, similar to the previous month, but with different rates and scores. Looking at the monthly analysis, real estate still possesses the top chart among other industries with a decrease in the market share of 3% in comparison to last month. Telecommunication has strongly claimed its position this month on Cairo’s billboards with a noticeable rise of 1%, while FMCG has jumped up from 7% to 10%, maintaining the third-runner. There is no change in the market share rate of the healthcare industry with 7% which is identical to December.          

We keep on tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the out-of-home landscape every month to reveal behind the scenes of these campaigns, following all the brands, advertisers, and innovations happening on the playground of Greater Cairo. You can browse the Top 20 Campaigns rankings via 

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